Appetite for Change


If your appetite for change is not big enough you will not do things differently. And that’s not to say you cannot take small bites to fed a big appetite.

To prepare an old wall for a new coat of paint you need to scrape off any peeling paint, then fill in any cracks or holes. After that you sand paper it for a smooth surface, and the you begin to paint. If you are applying a dark paint over a light one you may not need to re-apply under coat. If you are doing the opposite, you will need to apply undercoat so that the old colour doesn’t affect the new look. To finish off well nod ensure a durable outcome you need to apply two or three coats. The interesting thing here for me is that the painting, which I consider to be the fun part, only begins after the scraping, filling and sand papering.

Scraping and sand papering are the ‘painful’ parts of change. This is where you get rid of old skin, old habits, mind sets that are not aligned with what you are looking to be, too much of the wrong thing, etc etc. And before that happens you will have noticed the swelling and peeling of the old paint. You will have seen that it looks ugly. You will have decided that you want to see a different look. And thence begin the actions to repaint the wall.

So it is with any change you want in your life. First you notice that all is not well. You are not getting the results you want. You are not feeling the satisfaction you seek. You are not using the talents you have.

Then you decide, or choose, to have it happen differently.

This step is critical, because without it no real change will begin.

Scraping is painful because it removes the top layer to expose the ‘rot’ underneath. But there is a step before this: what’s causing the paint to peel off? All your efforts to scrape, fill and paint will come to nought if you do not address the cause of the peeling paint in the first place. If leakage from an old water pipe is causing the paint to peel off you must fix the leakage first. Understanding the root cause of the peeling means understanding what is driving the behaviour, actions and thoughts that you need to change.

As the top layer of paint comes off the wall underneath is exposed. You are vulnerable. It’s is akin to receiving feedback that’s hard to swallow. It is at this stage that you begin to listen to what others have to say, some of it ugly and hurtful, but you go past the usual defensiveness and really listen. and because you are listening, you begin to see yourself differently. You will not necessarily agree with everything you hear, but you notice that there certain truths in the observations of others. You agree that you too, know some of those unpalatable truths. Rather than put up a defence against them you determine to change those truths, because you want to be different. Better.

The peeling paint may appear obvious to onlookers, but there are many ways to ‘not see it’. You could hand a curtain or a painting over the part; you could avoid the room; you can also train yourself not to see it.
It’s not difficult to avoid seeing the need to make changes.
But you must see it to deal with it. And then you take a scarper and scrape it off. You cannot blow it away.
This scraping allows you to expose any further damage to the wall. Like cracks and uneven sections.

And so you begin to fill the cracks. You do this by completing certain tasks, learning new things, having conversations you have been putting off. You work on relationships you have been neglecting. This is the stage for building yourself up for the future.
And then you go to sanding off any excesses. And this can also be painful, but hey, you survived the scraping!

A clean level wall appears after these painful stages and you are ready to adorn it with whatever colour and texture you choose. This is the fun part of any painting project. So have fun as you prepare a new you to show off to the world.

And there is no reason why this new coat of paint shouldn’t last years and years, with minimal maintenance.

About jakilifecoach

I partner with you to help you produce fulfilling results in focus areas of your life, enhance self awareness and build actions that help you to step beyond your barriers and move towards your desired destination.
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