Today is Not Tomorrow

Your dream is your future, but to dream only is not enough. Do something, act.

Whatever your situation is today, tomorrow is another day. You could be better off, worse off, or in the same place.

You can go to bed hungry today and dream that you are full. That doesn’t mean you will wake up with a full stomach. But you could wake up with a plan to ensure you don’t go to bed hungry again. You could do something about your hunger.

What you can do today is make a choice for tomorrow, but if you don’t act on it, all your dreaming is for nought. That’s why it’s critical to do something for your vision. Give it your heart, your mind and your muscles.

How much heart, mind and muscle are you putting into your vision? How much room are you creating in your life for your dreams?

Is the stuff you are doing for your vision one of your priorities, if not your only priority? When faced with a choice between doing stuff that moves you closer to your vision and other stuff, are you clearly choosing the former? When you suffer setbacks are you finding another way?  Are you doing the stuff because you ‘should’ or because you truly believe in it, love it, feel great about it? Can you see and feel the progress you are making, even if it is small?

When all is said and done no one can live your dream for you. And certainly no one is responsible for your dream, except yourself. Does knowing this paralyse or catalyse your actions?

If you are feeling stuck because of your situation today, remember, today is not tomorrow.



About jakilifecoach

I partner with you to help you produce fulfilling results in focus areas of your life, enhance self awareness and build actions that help you to step beyond your barriers and move towards your desired destination.
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