Feeling Lost?

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Even the most organised of us find ourselves wandering around without direction sometimes. It may be that we are just not making headway with a project or plan. It may be that we don’t like where we are going, but don’t know where else to go. Or it may be that we just cannot decide what we want. Sometimes we get to feel this way when we have been ‘lost’ for a while. Other times it’s just  a nagging feeling that we have lost our sense of direction.

If you are feeling that way right now here are some readings to help you find your way again.

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I have lost my direction in life, by Psychologies


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Why do I feel lost?, by By Adam Benedetto and Zoe Young at Answers in Writing


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8 Reasons Why People Feel Lost in Their Lives, By David di Salvo


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Feeling Lost and How It Can Help You Find Yourself, by Juan Arbelaez


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I partner with you to help you produce fulfilling results in focus areas of your life, enhance self awareness and build actions that help you to step beyond your barriers and move towards your desired destination.
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