Lotion bottles and why there’s more left in you than you think

Lotion botleI don’t like to throw out the lotion bottle until I am convinced it is truly empty. So when pumping doesn’t get the lotion out anymore, I begin to store the bottle upside down, then screw off the pump to dispense by tipping the bottle directly into my hand. When that no longer works, I begin shake the contents out. I will even run my finger into the bottle to scoop everything out that I can reach. I get many  additional lotion days out of doing this, so I know not to throw the bottle out when the pump doesn’t deliver anymore.

So it is with Life. There are ways of being or things we do routinely, or habitually, that usually work. But they don’t always work. Every now and then we are called to approach a common issue differently, or to give more of ourselves. It  often  means squeezing more out of ourselves when we think we haven’t got anything left. It’s trying one more time before we give up. It’s making one last push before we let go. And then, when we are spent, trying once again.

It is surprising how often we think we cannot go any further and then find, on looking back, how much further we did go.

Here are a few things you could do to reach those ‘deep-inside-reserves’ of whatever you need to go further:

  1. Take some time to cool off or re-energise before you try again. Fatigue gets in the way of giving your best. It’s the law of diminishing returns.
  2. Ask  the opinion of someone you haven’t asked before or someone you wouldn’t ordinarily ask.  It’s amazing what a different perspective can do to your motivation.
  3. Take a step back, like high jumpers do, to ensure that when you need to  jump you have built up the momentum to propel you over the bar.
  4. Start over. Knitters know that when you are knitting to a design or a pattern and you  make a  mistake you often need to undo what you did and start all over, otherwise your pattern will not come out right.
  5. Follow a different order. Some things follow a logical order, many don’t. If you have run out of steam you may just reconnect with your goal by doing  step 5 before step 2. Succeeding at step 5 will give you the impetus to go for step 2.

About jakilifecoach

I partner with you to help you produce fulfilling results in focus areas of your life, enhance self awareness and build actions that help you to step beyond your barriers and move towards your desired destination.
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