In 2016 I will be finding time

We have 3 candidates this year so it’s inevitable that we are talking targets, time and techniques to ensure the best possible results at the end of the year.

Each of the candidates is not doing badly now, but no one is happy to have their current performance as their final exam grade so they are looking to improve.  And to do that they are all looking at more study time. But where from?


Every day has 24 hours, and the candidates have had to look at what are they doing with their 24 hours.

So we created a table with time slots covering each 24 hour period for a week. We shaded out school time, times for meals, sleep, worship and homework. Weekdays are practically full, so to find ‘optional’ slots we focused on the  weekend to find  quality study time. So everyone’s having to sacrifice a few things, well, to be honest, it’s mostly day time sleep and TV that will have to go.

I have to make some adjustments as well. Not because I will sit an exam at the end of this year, but because they need my support, by way of my presence. I can hardly expect my 12 year old to sit up studying while I lie in bed on a Saturday morning. And my 16 year old will not concentrate if, while he is working out math problems, I am cheering Wayne Rooney on. I doubt he will study if I leave to go party while he stays home alone.

I can remind them all I want that they are the ones sitting an exam, and that it will be their names on the certificates, not mine. Still, to get the best out of them I must walk this road with them.

So, don’t be surprised if I write more regularly this year, I will have the time, sitting at the table with my candidates. This is how I will spend my optional slots. And that’s why i will say no to many events and activities.

In the words of Art Buchwald, ‘whether it’s the best of times of the worst of times, it’s the only time we got.’  I plan to make the best of it, at home, with my candidates.

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1 Response to In 2016 I will be finding time

  1. Electina says:

    You will never regret this decision. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


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