Playing my Part

This weekend I had some profound learning.

I listened to a Westgate attack survivor recount her story. It reinforced my belief that miracles do happen. It confirmed to me that someone can overcome really trying situations. It reminded me that there are very many very good people in this world. There were many lessons.

Then one I would like to share today concerns giving. We are often called to give donations for one cause or another, and, with good reason, many of us will hold back because we are not sure those donations arrive at the intended or published destination.

This lady said “If you donated to the Westgate fund you helped pay my hospital bill”. She also said “If you prayed for Westgate victims and survivors, you prayed for me [and here I am].”Camera 034

I will not hold back my generosity just because someone else doesn’t hold back their greed. I will not be stingy with what I can give easily and freely just because I do not see the results. I will trust and believe, and play my part.

After all, I cannot play some else’s  part.


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I partner with you to help you produce fulfilling results in focus areas of your life, enhance self awareness and build actions that help you to step beyond your barriers and move towards your desired destination.
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