Trying to be normal

confused-smileyThe KCPE exams finally kicked off. I can’t wait for Thursday when they end. Obviously it is not much respite for me as I will begin all over again on Monday with KCSE.

Somehow things are different. There is huge focus on preparing for the exams. I have been on Sunday washing up duty all year in order that my candidates have some additional study time. Well, that was the plan. We have lots of books all over the place, and I wonder whether I will recognise the house once they have all been put away. Starting yesterday we even have a candidates’ menu! (My mum used to bring out the special chair covers on CPE day).

It’s weird having candidates in this year when there have been so many changes to the familiar. Everything was well-coordinated for me when I knew that the older candidates would finish before the younger one, and I would only need to manage 3 days of ensuring she had peace to study. Now I am looking at a whole month of having one person who has completed her exams living in the same house as another who still has a month of it. .

Lately, ‘everyone’ has been sending prayers and good wishes our way (thank you, by the way). People keep on asking after the candidates like they are ill or something. (Well, two of mine sprained their ankles within one week of each one, one week away from starting their exams so I guess they are kinda ill). We have attended several prayer sessions for them, and Daddy has been particularly solicitous. Suddenly this exam thing is getting to them, and I find that I have to be the ‘normal’ one.

So I am trying not to show my concern when I hear a ka-small cough, and I am praying that no one falls, or catches a cold,  or forgets something or even misplace anything (like the clear pencil-case).  I am looking at what and how much they are eating and wondering if it’s enough for all that brain work (or whether it’s a sign that the brainwork is limited). I am trying to be so normal as not to repeat, for the umpteenth time, that ‘they shouldn’t even look at a friend’ during the exam.

Well, it isn’t normal that their phones have been under my custody practically all year, ’just in case some-one sends a leaked exam to you without your permission – and these things can be traced’. Thankfully they get that.

I am trying very hard not to be mother hen! (Is that even possible?)

I had this phase of buying and sending success cards, but the other day I found a stash of addressed, stamped, cards. And then I also found another pile of unused ones. (So I need not have bought the last lot). Goodness, what’s happening to me? Just in case you are wondering why I haven’t sent your son or daughter a card, you now know why. Please just accept the thought.

And If I look like I am really concentrating on something when you see me, know that I am counting the days to Nov 30.

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