Through the looking glass

spectaclesI have worn spectacles for more than 30 years. Sometimes the lenses get so dirty I can hardly see. But I have learnt that if I don’t have the right cleaning tools I am better off leaving them that way because using the wrong type of cloth or the wrong cleaning agent just makes it worse.

I have also discovered that after a while I get used to the view, even if the lenses remain dirty. If I should remove them, but not clean them, the blurry view is restored and I have to start getting used to it again.

This happens in our lives too. When things first begin to go awry we notice and are uncomfortable, but if we do nothing about it we can easily get used to the status quo and the situation that was amiss becomes the new normal. This new normal is greatly enhanced by excuses we make to explain away our lack of action or resolve. Some people refer this getting used to the misshapen state as ‘lowering’ our standards.

If we should try to correct the situation, we must follow through our intentions and make the necessary adjustments, otherwise the changes do not last. It’s like painting over old paint without smoothing the surface and filling in the holes. In no time, the new paint chips and the undercoat is exposed. It’s a waste of time.

You can take your glasses off at any time to  check if the lenses are dirty and you have just got used to the view through them, or if they are indeed clean. If you need a plan to help the situation, here are some tools to help you do that:

The wheel of life

Goal setting sheet





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