Young Middle-Class, Please Do Better

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Trigger Warning: Mention of Rape

To be a black woman, and a black woman activist, it to be aware of the fact that you have fought for and continue to fight for people who would never fight for you. Whether, like Oluwatoyin Salau, it is the fight for black men who then turn around and rape you, or the fight for other women who, because of your race, class, or whatever else, do not value you. Yet your fight doesn’t stop. Because you understand what it means to be oppressed. To exist in a world that seems to have all its systems set on ensuring that you don’t make it. Whatever “making it” even means. And you know that no one deserves that, so you keep going, whatever it takes. Don’t even get me started on what it means to be a poor, black, queer, disabled, female activist from…

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