Virtual meetings have opened the doors to office workers’ homes in many ways. You may have seen some videos of children running into rooms as parents are interviewed on international TV, and the panicked or irritated reactions of parents. It is as if the adults are embarrassed that this aspect of their lives, this seemingly out of control facet, is coming into view. Perfectly capable workers, global experts, leaders, even, have this side of their lives that is not as view-worthy as what they do for work.

At work people generally accept that they can learn to do their jobs better by attending training workshops, engaging executive coaches or having a mentor. On parenting, it’s a different take.  They often avoid parent teacher conferences and they could never hire a coach – learn how to parent? Who does that?

At work, they put  a number on the value of greater expertise and experience. Who doesn’t know that promotions come with greater perks, bigger pay checks, more deference from subordinates? On the other hand, so what if one’s children are well adjusted, self-efficient, disciplined enough to know not to interfere with an important global live interview ?  What value does one put on pride – taking pride in successful good citizens that they raised? What’s the price of corruption, and mental health issues? Yes, these things can be linked to the extent and nature of parental involvement in the growing years.

At work the consequences of not delivering are well spelt out. There are structured performance reviews and someone to answer to. Who cares if children turn out right?

Whatever situation we face, we bring into it our beliefs, our thoughts and the habits that govern our actions. The actions that we observe on TV are driven by deeper ideas. To change those actions, thoughts and  beliefs would have to change, and for this,  effort is required.

What do you believe about parenting? How can you benefit from the strategies that you use to gain competence and confidence at work, at home with your children? Is it time to put effort into parenting differently, even if only so that you aren’t so nervous when people take a peek into your home while you are playing your office role?

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Parenting is an intricate combination of behaviours that individually and jointly combine to impact outcomes for children. parenting primarily seeks to influence, teach and control children. Parents were thought to play twin roles in helping children develop: nurturing children, and providing structure Jaki is an ICF credentialed Life Coach who uses the Goal Achievement approach. She helps clients achieve their life goals, including career, academic and parenting goals. Contact her on to know more about how she helps parents achieve their goals.
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